Tulips in vases Top 5

Tulip vase
Tulips in vases Top 5

Tulip bulbs make great cut flowers – all you have to do is cut them and place them in a vase and you’ll be able to enjoy your flowers not only in your garden, but also in your home. In this blog post, we share our top-five favourite tulip vases. Which colour vase goes with which tulips? Read on to find out what we think.

1 Columbus with a pink vase

At the top of our list is our all-time favourite, the Columbus tulip. This is a beautiful dark-pink double tulip with white edges along its petals, creating a unique and distinctive look that makes this tulip one of our favourites. The beautiful dark-pink colour looks great with our pink vases. The lighter shades in particular accentuate the dark-pink colour of the Columbus tulip. Because the Columbus is a double tulip, your (tulip) vase will look lovely and full.


2 Noordeinde with a purple vase

The Noordeinde tulip is another favourite of ours. This white tulip has fringed petals and an even white colour, which adds a fresh decorative touch to your home and garden. You can display these tulips in a brighter vase; we think they look great in purple vases. The Noordeinde’s white petals complement the purple colour of these vases perfectly, creating an eye-catching combination that will bring colour and joy to your home.


3 Hemisphere with a clear vase

Our Hemisphere tulip is a truly unique variety: these bulbs produce tulips in red, pink and white. As the flowers mature, they develop a mix of spots and stripes on their petals. This tulip is already a colourful feast for the eyes so it works well in a clear vase, which lets the rainbow colours of the Hemisphere shine through. This combination will bring a burst of colour to your home.


4 Royal Ad Rem with a yellow vase

The Royal Ad Rem tulip is a beautiful orange variety with a yellow edge, creating a flame-like effect. This tulip will make an eye-catching addition to your home, and it has a delightfully sweet fragrance too. Royal Ad Rem looks great displayed in yellow vases. A yellow (tulip) vase will accentuate the edges of the tulip. Lighter shades of yellow are a particularly good match. This combination will add a touch of warmth to your home, enabling you to enjoy the colours of spring indoors.


5 Greenmile with a green vase

The Greenmile is a unique tulip: its colour varies from green to yellow and it sometimes blooms in a mix of both colours. The tulip lasts a long time and has a strong stem, making it the perfect choice for a vase display. This green/yellow tulip looks great in one of our green vases, which will accentuate the green hues of the flower. A green (tulip) vase is an eye-catching interior accessory in its own right – and the beautiful green and yellow colouring of the Greenmile will make the perfect finishing touch for your display.


There are lots more options besides those we’ve listed here – why not put together your own unique combination? We sell lots of other varieties of tulips and different styles of vases. You could also plant other cut flowers, such as some dahlia bulbs, daffodils and flower seeds, and display those in vases too.