How do I prevent snails and slugs in my dahlias?

How do I prevent snails and slugs in my dahlias?
How do I prevent snails and slugs in my dahlias?

Snails especially like the young dahlia leaves, so pay attention when they are growing just above the ground. There are different ways to combat snails, below we list a few:

Lay a barrier around your dahlia plant

Plants that are quickly eaten by snails can be protected by placing a barrier around them, for example coffee grounds, cocoa shells, crushed eggshells or shells. This way you make it difficult for the snails to reach your plants. Make sure that the circle runs all the way around the plant.

Remove leaves and branches

Leaves, wood, twigs and other garden waste form an ideal hiding place for snails. So regularly clean up your leaves and garden waste.

Make a garlic extract

Garlic is toxic to snails; they will avoid your dahlia plants if you spray them with garlic extract. You can make this yourself. Cut a garlic bulb into pieces, pour 1 liter of hot water over it and let it draw and cool. Remove the garlic, pour the extract into a plant sprayer and spray. Now you can see how fast snails can run! Repeat regularly, because after a rain shower this trick no longer works.

The beer trap

Just like men, you can also seduce snails with beer. Pour a layer of beer in a low plastic container and dig it up to the edge of the ground. The snails crawl towards the beer, and fall over the edge and die. After a few days, change the trays and throw away the snails. Advantage: only the snails die and it is environmentally friendly.

Remove snails by hand

Yes, a wonderfully romantic job. In the evening, look for snails with your flashlight. You won't find them easils during dry weather. Better on a moisty evening or when it has rained. Collect the snails, destroy them or place them in places where they can do no harm.

Place a copper ring

Snails hate copper and will not climb or crawl quickly against copper materials. There is a special copper tape. for sale that you can place around the plant. Pay attention that there aren't already eggs from the snails within the circle.

Introduce the snail's natural enemy

Lately, we regularly hear that the use of nematodes helps fight a serious slug infestation. These nematodes are microscopic and penetrate its natural enemies through naturally existing openings. Once penetrated, they secrete bacteria, which will kill the snails. This is a natural way of control that keeps the ecosystem in balance.  You can buy these nematodes on various websites. You mix them with water and spread them around the garden with a watering can. It does cost a bit but sometimes it's worth it.

Hope one of these solutions will help? Do you have a great solution? We would love to hear from you!