How many dahlia tubers do I need?

How many dahlia tubers do I need?
How many dahlia tubers do I need?

A common question among gardeners is, "How many dahlia tubers should I plant per square metre?" Let us answer this burning question and guide you to a garden full of floral splendour.

The recommended planting distance for dahlias depends on the type and size of the dahlias, as well as your personal preference, available space and the desired look of your garden. In general, smaller dahlias can be planted closer together than larger varieties.
Below is a guideline:

  • Low Dahlias (<50 cm tall): plant the tubers about 30 cm apart.
  • Medium Dahlias (50-90 cm high): plant the tubers about 45-50 cm apart.
  • Tall Dahlias (>90 cm tall): plant the tubers about 50-60 cm apart

When planting, it is important to ensure sufficient air circulation between the plants to avoid fungal diseases. If in doubt, it is best to start with a slightly wider planting distance.

For a picking garden, it is best to plant two rows (30 cm apart) side by side with 25 cm between the tubers each time.


Dahlias in pots

Take a large, well-drained pot and plant 1 tuber in it. With a pot larger than 50 cm, you can plant as many as 2 or 3 tubers in the pot. The low-growing varieties grow easiest in pots, the taller the plants are the larger pot they need to root well and the more care they require. Water regularly about twice a week. When they grow a little taller, you can add a few sticks for support.

Some Tips:

  • Ensure well-watered soil with sufficient nutrients for optimal growth.
  • Combine different bulb and dahlia varieties for a varied and colourful flower meadow.
  • Play with height differences by selecting dahlias with various growth heights.
  • Plant the dahlias only when there is no more chance of night frost
  • Especially in the beginning, keep a close eye on them to make sure they sprout and that no snails or other critters eat the young plants.

Important to know: you can never actually get it wrong! It is also a matter of taste so enjoy a lush garden full of colour and life.


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