Daffodil in vase Top 5

Daffodil in vase
Daffodil in vase Top 5

Daffodils look lovely in your garden, but many varieties also make great cut flowers – all you have to do is cut them and place them in a vase. Daffodils shouldn’t be placed in vases with different varieties of cut blooms, as the slime released from their stems is harmful for the other flowers. Our collection of flower vases is ideal for displaying daffodils.

1 Petit Four with a pink vase

The Petit Four daffodil is a stunning double daffodil, which means that it has twice as many petals as a standard daffodil. This daffodil is yellow with hints of pink on the inside, which makes it perfect for our pink vases. The pink hues of the daffodil vase match those of the daffodil to create a beautiful, coordinated combination.


2 Innovator with a clear vase

The Innovator is a very special daffodil, with bright yellow petals on the outside and orange petals on the inside. This unique and colourful daffodil is the ideal choice for a clear vase. A clear daffodil vase will allow the bright colours of the flower to shine.


3 Sorbet with a green vase

Sorbet is a stunning white daffodil with inner petals arranged in a pretty star shape. The subtle colours of this daffodil make it the perfect match for a bright vase. A green vase in a dark or bright shade is a great choice if you want to create an eye-catching display for your home.


4 Manly with an orange vase

Manly is a chic double daffodil with white, cream and orange hues. This flower blooms a little later in the season, and it makes a great cut flower to display in your home. Manly works beautifully in one of our orange vases, as the white or cream hues of the flower complement the orange colour. Sometimes, the Manly daffodil has a hint of orange in the flower, which beautifully accentuates the colour of your daffodil vase and creates a perfect colour combination.


5 Martinette with yellow vase

The stunning Martinette is a multi-flowered daffodil. This means that more than one flower grows on each stem, creating a beautiful, full look. This daffodil is bright yellow with an orange trumpet, and it looks great displayed in a vase. You don’t need many stems to create a full display, so the Martinette is perfect for smaller daffodil vases. A yellow vase looks lovely filled with Martinette daffodils, as this colour accentuates the yellow petals and orange trumpet – the perfect combination for spring.


Other options

Aside from the varieties we’ve mentioned here, there are lots of other daffodils that look great in our vases. Why not put together your own unique combinations? We stock vases in a wide range of shapes and colours, from clear glass to dark green and pink. Many of our vases are labelled with the number 1, 2 or 3 to indicate the intensity of the colour. These vases might all be the same colour – red, for example – but a red vase graded with a 3 will be lighter than the more intense red of a vase graded with a 1. You can use different shades to create beautiful displays.