Dahlia tubers

Last week of our dahlia sales!

We ship the dahlias within several days. You can plant them outside right now.

Dahlia tubers

Last week of our dahlia sales!

We ship the dahlias within several days. You can plant them outside right now.

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Meaning of the dahlia

Dahlias are not just normal flowers; they are very special. The dahlia plant symbolize power and love. That makes the flowers not only beautiful to plant in your garden, but also to give as a gift to a loved one or someone you really care about.

The dahlia plant originated in Mexico. They were then used as food and as medicines. The people who lived there, used to think that the dahlia flower has the power to reduce disease symptoms.

Types of dahlias

Dahlias exist in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colours. Because the tubers come from our own farm, some tubers are exclusively available at our webstore.

A couple of dahlias are real bee and butterfly attractors. That are single flowered dahlias, with an open heart. For example, dahlia Dahlegria Tricolore.

Dahlia tubers purple

We also have big dinnerplate dahlias and small ball-dahlia. You can combine these shapes or just combine different colours. You can choose the dahlia flower you find most beautiful.

Dahlias from our own farm

The dahlia tubers come from our own farm, therefore we can guarantee top quality. Out of a dahlia tuber grows a big plant that flowers for moths. It gives dozens of flowers.

If you cut more flower from the plant, more flowers will grow back. You can cut the dead dahlia flowers or the fresh flowers to put them in your house. These are called cut flowers. In this way you can enjoy the dahlia flowers twice as much.

Ordering dahlia tubers

You can buy dahlia tubers at our webstore FAM Flower Farm. You can order the dahlia tubers from 1 January until 1 June. We have more than 100 different varieties where you can choose from. With every order you get a magazine with an instruction on how to plant and how to take care of the dahlia tubers.

While ordering you can choose when you want to receive your order. You can choose in April, so you can already plant them in pots. This way the snails have less chance to eat the dahlia flowers. If you want to plant the dahlia plant in your garden, you can choose to receive your order in May or June.

Dahlia tubers big

What is the difference between dahlia tubers and dahlia bulbs?

They are dahlia tubers and not dahlia bulbs. Bulbs store spare food in the underground foliage and tubers store that in the root or stem. Flower bulbs are also less vulnerable for frost than tubers, this is because the tubers are filled with moisture. This can naturally freeze much faster, that is why it is better to take the dahlia tubers out of the ground.

Popular dahlias

The most popular dahlia flower is the Cafe au Lait dahlia. This is because of its beautiful white, yellow and a little pink colour. It is often used for weddings bouquets.

Another dahlia flower that is so popular is the dahlia Thomas a Edison. This has a purple colour and exudes power. Last is the Wizard of OZ, they have a light pink colour and are perfect as a cut flower.

The cactus dahlia and dinnerplate dahlia are also very popular shapes. The cactus dahlia has rolled up petals, this gives a spiky tint. The dinner plate dahlia is very big. They also have a lot of different colours.

The colours that are very popular are red dahlias and white dahlias. Red gives a romantic feeling and symbolize love, joy and passion. White exude freedom and draws attention. These dahlia flowers make sure your border becomes even fancier and more striking.