Amaryllis Apple Blossom -indoor

New in our range is this lovely soft pink Amaryllis named Apple Blossom. This Amaryllis bulb has already had a cold treatment so you can plant it in a pot straight away. In house, it will flower within 6-7 weeks. You can also place Amaryllis bulbs without soil in a nice bowl or add them to your Xmas arrangement. Just spray the roots with a little water every now and then. After the first flowering, a second stem can sometimes sprout and start flowering.

Bulb size = 28-30 cm (all around)


  • The Amaryllis bulb only needs to be placed with its roots under the soil, so the rest of the large bulb remains visible.
  • Make sure the potting soil remains sufficiently moist but never too wet, make sure the water can drain out of the pot.
  • Place the pot in a light and warm place, if necessary turn the pot every now and then so the stem does not bend towards the light.
  • You can water the plant a little more when the buds appear and when it flowers.
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SEK 115.00
More Information
Type of product Amaryllis
Color Pink
Planting period September - December
Suitable for pots Yes
Length Long > 45 cm
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